What is a Travel Blogger?

When writing a travel blog, you are basically writing a journal of your travels for the entire world to see.  This is no easy task, but it can also be the adventure of a lifetime.  While some of the people who have started blogging about their travels only intend for this to be read by friends or family (a way to keep everyone updated on their lives abroad) other travel bloggers actually end up writing their way to a six figure income!  (Although it must be said, this is an incredibly talented, or possibly just lucky, minority).

The dream of traveling the world while leaving your trail of stories online is the kind of life that many writers dream of.  Readers of travel blogs live vicariously through travel bloggers, so their adventures become the adventures and dreams of hundreds or even thousands of people (depending on how popular they can get).

But is travel blogging just hours of relaxing in foreign countries and a few hours of writing a week?  This can really only be the reality of a travel blogger who hasn’t quit his day job (or who has recently inherited an incredible sum of money).  The kind of travel blogging that earns serious cash is an investment and a full-time job that doesn’t stop.

So what great adventures do those intrepid travel bloggers enjoy, but what challenges do they face?


The Joys

Meeting New People (and Places!)  Online, the travel blogging community is huge and welcoming.  Travel bloggers get to connect online, but also in-person.  They meet new people every day!  Coming to know people of different cultures and backgrounds, and getting to see what the world is really like once you leave your comfort zone, is one of the most satisfying parts of being a travel blogger.

Keeping Memories Close  When you’re on the road, it can sometimes be a whirlwind adventure that goes by without a thought.  Travel bloggers have the bonus of having all of their trips logged online with stories and photos that will keep their memories recorded for a lifetime (or even longer!).

Creating the Illusion of Being a Really Cool Person  This is an undeniable fact: travel bloggers are automatically viewed as very cool.  This fact has nothing to do with whether or not the travel blogger is actually cool, or if they’re just someone who decided “why not give this a try?”  (Either way, the job itself is indeed very cool).


The Challenges

The Travel Blogger’s Life is the Travel Blog  For those looking to write a travel blog and earn enough income to live and travel, the work doesn’t stop.  Constant social media posting, reaching out to potential advertisers, editing photos and videos, writing and tweaking for the site, and more is required to make a travel blog successful.

Money is Not Earned Immediately  Travel blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  It requires effort and time to see the real benefits.


Travel blogging, although not just a way to make easy money while traveling, is a work that is satisfying and exciting.  Getting to record your experiences while you travel the world, and maybe even inspire someone else to do the same, is a reward in and of itself.  Travel bloggers are tough, but they’re also adventurers without limits.  Travel blogging is the ultimate way to experience the world while working at a job you love.