An online Content service provider, Blue Pen Articles (“Blue Pen Articles) with the name The Blue Pen Articles Web Site (hence referred as the “Site”) hereby sets the following terms and conditions for compliance.

Licenses, Copyrights and Idea Submissions

a. International copyrights and trademark laws protects all contents of these site. BLUE PEN ARTICLES as well all its affiliates and 3rd party licensors own all copyrights and trademarks of these contents. No other parties other than the ones mentioned earlier are allowed to modify, alter, copy, republish, reproduce, transmit, share, post, or distribute in any other manner, all contents of this site covering graphics, text, code and/or software.

b. Portions of materials taken from different areas of this site can be printed and download for NON-COMMERCIAL PURPOSES ONLY and that no part of the copyright or propriety notices should be deleted or altered.

c. All materials and all forms information submitted to BLUE PEN ARTICLES public areas such as bulletin boards, newsgroups and forums as well thru communication and correspondences (e.g. e-mails) automatically grants the site to non-exclusive royalty-free, perpetual license, worldwide along with rights and permission to reproduce, distribute, modify, sub-license, create modified versions of, public performance and display. Furthermore, BLUE PEN ARTICLES will be allowed to use your name for such information and materials submitted to our site; BLUE PEN ARTICLES will not be held liable to any form of intended or non-intentional copyright infringement brought by such communication with BLUE PEN ARTICLES.

d. Payment Terms Blue Pen Articles must have payment in full before content is considered “delivered” and before copyright will be granted. Content is considered “delivered” only when it is:
1. approved by the customer
2. paid for in full
For the purposes of this entire TOS document, “delivered” content is defined as content that has satisfied these 2 terms. The customer has copyright only on delivered content.

As a customer of Blue Pen Articles, you will receive full rights to the delivered content that we provide to you per your project order. Blue Pen will hold no copyright whatsoever on the delivered content, as defined above.
Blue Pen Articles grants worldwide, sole, and exclusive license to the customer for all delivered content.
Customers of Blue Pen Articles are free to publish, reproduce and modify delivered content in any way they see fit. They may also create derivative works and/or sell the delivered and approved content in any way they see fit.

Blue Pen Articles reserves the right to enforce all violations of this Terms of Service by the Customer.
Blue Pen Articles will not use the text written to the client, unless the client provides written approval to Blue Pen Articles to use it.
Neither Blue Pen Articles nor any of its affiliates or agents shall be liable to the customer or anyone else for any loss or injury caused by negligence or by events beyond its control that result in breach of copyrights on delivered material..

Non-personal identification information

a. Blue Pen Articles does not necessarily endorse to any information, services or products in the site. same goes to all forms of information, products and services supplied by any affiliated 3rd partied unless stated.

b. The site does not give any warranty and guarantee to all users for infections, worms, bugs and viruses; blue pen articles will never be responsibility for any form of damage brought by downloading parts of our site's contents. The site will not be held liable for any loss of of data during and after such procedures.

all liabilities and responsibilities shall be imposed on the user and not to the site. related information are supplied by blue pen articles “as is” without connoting any form of warranty, endorsements and representation in any manner specifically when it comes to copyright infringement. Blue Pen articles will not be held liable to any undesirable events such as damage and loss to property brought by transactions carried out in the internet. you are hereby advised to take your own precautions in terms of validating the accuracy of such merchandise and services prior to any transactions.

sexually explicit or contents that may offend your gender, race and preferences that may be seen and published in the internet are beyond the control of blue pen articles. you are mandated for full discretion as the site cannot filter such contents on your behalf.

Scope of liability Blue pen articles assumes no responsibility for damages – accidental, direct and collateral for either or all types – profit loss, business operation interruptions and the likes brought by one, some or all operations executed in the site from site usage, downloading, transactions and so on.

The site cannot award any form of guarantee for ranking improvements as well as not responsible for damages, loss of property and profits and any commercial damages including business interruptions.

content provided by Blue pen articles to our clients brought by utilising our services is only temporary and not continual.


It is hereby agreed that usage and all types of transactions within and on behalf of our site, grants indemnification from cross and libel claims to BLUE PEN ARTICLES in case of any violation of this TERMS and AGREEMENTS. It shall protect and provide immunisation to the Site, BLUE PEN ARTICLES, its officers, directors, employees, suppliers, affiliates, agents, licensors and ll 3rd parties for any potential litigation.

Rights of 3rd party entities

Provisions for SITE USAGE and INDEMNIFICATION shall over the rights of BLUE PEN ARTICLES as well its officers, directors, employees, suppliers, agents, licensors including 3rd party information providers. Entities and individuals enumerated can use these provisions to defend themselves and to prosecute any potential violator.

Termination and Nullity

Terms and Agreements mentioned and enumerated above can be terminated without any prior notice for any reason by either party. Provisions for Licenses, Copyrights, Submissions, Site Usage, Indemnification and Rights of Third Party Entities and Miscellaneous remains as it was stated even after such termination.


This Term and Agreement is composed and administered in accordance to the sovereign laws of Israel appropriate to all provisions made and to be executed in Israel. All future litigations and court proceedings between BLUE PEN ARTICLES and you shall only be settled and arranged within all federal or state courts where the government of Israel has jurisdiction. Any allegations and actions in relation to 2) Site Usage must be formally filed within 1 year or else, it will be automatically be inhibited. BLUE PEN ARTICLES is not liable for any failure when it comes to strict performance and compliance to any provision of this agreement; this should not be used a basis to abdicate the rights rewarded by this Agreement. Provisions of this Agreement will not be changed or affected solely by any act of the parties or any trading practices. This Agreement gives BLUE PEN ARTICLES the right to transfer any rights and duties to any party even without giving you notice.

All rights are hereby reserved.