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Frequently Asked Questions

The difference is in the style of writing used, the point-of-view targeted, the medium in mind and the specific audience targeted. Here’s a brief overview of our various writing services:

Blog post – Posting fresh content on your blog is important to keep your target readers engaged. Whether you're making a name for yourself or managing a company, having a blog and updating it on a regular basis will make an impression to your readers that you and your company is serious about engaging with them.

Magazine Articles – For your magazine article requirements, Blue Pen Articles is ready to assist you! We have a team of experienced, professional writers who can provide you with quality content. We are also flexible enough for a wide range of topics, from upbeat celebrity lifestyle, to serious health or environmental issues. We are also versatile with our style. We can readily shift from an informal, casual tone, to a more serious and professional one. We can readily customize your content to fit the identity of your publication.

News Article – Blue Pen Articles can provide you with well-written news articles that covers various subjects, including business and finance stories. Whether you're a journalist in need of help in producing as many relevant articles as possible or you're an owner of a news website, our team of skill writers can produce objective, unbiased written reports on the latest developments in your industry.

We understand the importance of providing relevant facts to readers. Thus, we search for the original sources of information to ensure accuracy. Our professional writers know where to look for the latest news that matters. We also ensure that the articles have clarity, like what any other news article should be.

SEO Content –Our writers are experienced in the field of SEO content writing, and thus, are capable of delivering high quality output that meet the demands and requirements of your search optimization strategy and initiatives.

Writing for SEO requires technical skills to ensure that the correct keywords are deployed throughout the article without sacrificing sensibility and logic. Our writers are experienced in that specific task, able to build a compelling article using optimized and highly-relevant keywords.

Website Content –Every page of your website, such as Products, Services, About Us, Homepage etc. must contain relevant and impactful information so that visitors, especially potential customers, will understand the unique advantages of your offer. Blue Pen Articles can create original and fresh content for your website, in order to draw in readers and convert leads for your business.

Amazon review – When it comes to Amazon product review writing, relevant and detailed information is of utmost importance. This provides assistance to customers when they are trying to decide if they should purchase a certain product. Blue Pen Articles can create valuable and straightforward reviews that will provide customers a strong motivation why they should choose your item and not the competition’s.

Product Review - Our product review writing services provides you with highly-informative and interesting articles that will assist people in choosing the right products. Whether you're a business owner looking for people to provide information on your product or an affiliate marketing program member building an online network, you require quality content that will effectively help readers make the right decisions and have the chance of getting great value for the money.

Rewrite services – Book our rewrite services today and we'll turn old content into fresh articles. At Blue Pen Articles, our team of talented writers will revise your old texts and convert them into to up to date and relevant posts that will draw in new readers and spark the interest of your returning visitors.

Our rewriting services are especially useful when you want to avoid duplicate content that could penalize your website when it comes to search engine optimization. It is also useful for the following scenarios:

When you need to create multiple versions of your original article for distribution to various publishing platforms; When you found a good source of information that you want to replicate for your own website or blog;
When you need multiple blocks of text for each of your pages but have to mention the same ideas; and
When you need to have as many quality content as possible in your website without having to deal with research

Hotels and Resorts - Contact Blue Pen Articles when you need descriptions and reviews for hotels, resorts and other establishments in the hospitality field. Our writers have experience in the travel and accommodation industry. They are capable of delivering high quality content that best suit your requirements as well as your target readers. Our Hotel and Resorts writing services are great for a variety of hospitality industry websites.

Social Media Articles – In this day and age, it is necessary to exist in social media and engage with your audience. That can be achieved through Blue Pen’s social media content. Whether it’s a product push, a campaign caption or a brand story, we can provide you with compelling content that will get your company new fans, expanded reach, likes, comments and those important shares.

Our social media writing services are perfect for the following platforms:
• Facebook • LinkedIn • Twitter • Google+

Press Release – Blue Pen will have your press releases professionally written whatever your business is. Whether you're running a small startup or managing an international company, we can provide you with customized content that helps achieve your goal while engaging your target readers.

Our press release writing services are ideal for your business in a variety of ways. It includes but not limited to the following items:

• New product or service available,
• Improvement of current products or services,
• New target markets being served,
• Marketing communications,
• Change of executive officers,
• Public relation events and announcements,
• Promo updates, and
• Campaigns, contests and competitions.

When it comes to press releases, you need to make sure that they do not just communicate your message, but they are also well-written. At Blue Pen, we have a team of professional writers who are experienced in providing quality original articles comply with industry standards. You can definitely trust us to provide you and your business the press release that meets your requirements.

Diets and Weight Loss – Whether you're running a fitness online magazine, a website weight loss blog or you’re planning to write a diet eBook, you need to make sure that your writing is of high-caliber so you can effectively communicate with your readers. Our dedicated team of writers can provide you with excellent, well-written and highly-informative articles that will make an impact in the field of nutrition and weight loss.

Lifestyle Articles - If you're in need of high-quality, well-researched lifestyle articles, don't look further! Blue Pen Articles have excellent writers who can provide you with superb content on various lifestyle topics including but not limited to:
Fashion for men, women and children,
Home interiors,
Dating tips,
Food and Health;
Arts and crafts and
Luxury living.

Travel Articles – If you're running a travel blog, you'll need extra hands to update your website with relevant information. Blue Pen Articles is here to provide you with high-quality and well-researched articles to keep your site active for your target readers.

If you have a travel-related business, we can assist you with the content of your website to ensure that fresh, new information is available.

Essay Services – Blue Pen's essay writing services are targeted to students who need assistance in meeting their school requirements. Whether for a formal topic requiring research or an informal discussion on certain issues, we can help create the appropriate, well-researched content that meets the academic requirements of your courses.

Scripts – Planning to do a bit of video content marketing? Do you have a new product or service and you want to market it through a clip? Blue Pen’s script writing services ensures that you have the kind of content that fans and new readers would want to listen to. We have the capability to craft a gripping a text overlay that would spark anyone’s curiosity and motivate them to purchase or subscribe to your channel.

Food articles – Blue Pen’s food article writing services covers everything from meal reviews, recipes, food reviews, restaurant articles and coverage on the latest food trends and culinary news. Our roster of highly-talented writers will bring any delicious plate or complex gustatory methods into unique and interesting content until no other.

EBook – Sometimes a series of articles are not enough to encapsulate a topic or send out a message. During these cases, eBooks are necessary. Blue Pen’s team of writers have a combined experience in the digital and publishing industry. With their skills and expertise, they can create long-form riveting eBook content that can encompass large topics and encapsulate

How to articles – Planning to teach someone something important? Do you want to produce a guide for your readers? Blue Pen Articles has the capability to write how to articles and condense complicated and often confusing procedures and processes into something simple and understandable. If teaching your readers methods and practices is what you’re looking for, this service is uniquely suited to your needs.

Email marketing – Email marketing is increasingly becoming an important asset in digital efforts. Blue Pen’s email marketing writing service can put you in the forefront of the online landscape. Whether it be pushing a new product, introducing a new service or advocating for a new idea, our dedicated team of content and email marketers can craft an email that uniquely captures your ideas and hits your objectives.

Technology articles – Blue Pen’s technology articles writing service can capture and outline the large world of the tech industry. Equipped with the latest knowledge, Blue Pen can trace the latest developments, explain the newest trends and even forecast what the future would look like for the growing and ever expanding industry.

Relationship articles – Relationships are often complex uncharted waters. Blue Pen Articles have the capability to teach anyone how to navigate those challenging areas through a variety of content. Our writers are equipped to dive into the complicated word of human emotions and provide sound advice that’s insightful, correct, and tried and tested.

Editing services – Have an article that doesn’t feel right? Are you uncertain of the words, sentences and structure of your post, essay or content piece? Blue Pen Articles can provide valuable assistance in that area. Our content team is equipped with the skills and industry experience to proofread, optimize and improve any written material. With your writings in their hands, you’ll have content that aligns with your needs and requirements.

Sales page – Blue Pen’s sales page writer services can draw in the business and numbers you want for your site. With our expertise, we can create appealing and optimized pages carefully designed and constructed to persuade target audiences and make them subscribe to your page, order your service or purchase your product.

Forex Articles - The foreign exchange market is one of the most discussed topics in the finance industry, give its sheer size and popularity. However, navigating its landscape and intricacies is a difficult endeavor, given its many complexities. Blue Pen Articles is more than capable to write about this rather difficult subject. Our team of professional writers have the knowledge, insight and experience to navigate the challenging waters. With the content they produce, they can make complicated concepts easier to understand and communicate the correct information and recommendations required to help traders, brokers and anyone relevant to make the most informed and sustainable choices.

Automotive Articles - The automobile industry is not as clear cut as many think about to be. Topics such as the business of selling, manufacturing and repairing vehicles, its operations and maintenance, car insurance, leases, car loans and management have a lot of information that needs to be communicated to managers, car makers, various other companies and consumers so they are aware of what to do. Luckily, Blue Pen Articles is here to do the job for you. Our roster of professional content creators have years of experience in writing about automobiles and the industries involved to inform readers and equip them with the best knowledge possible.

Fashion Articles - Fashion is one of the biggest and most dynamic industries. There’s so many trends, styles, designers, models, not to mention events, which are of interest to millions of women and men around the globe. Should companies or organizations choose to publish these types of compelling content, Blue Pen Articles can provide vital assistance. Our team of talented and imaginative writers can write fun, vibrant and enriched content that will capture the lively identity of the fashion industry. Whether its style guides, trend watches, or in-depth analyses of companies and services, our writers can handle it well and effectively, guaranteed to get you readers.

Entrepreneurship Articles - Entrepreneurship is not as simple as selling mere products or endorsing services. Often, it requires techniques and insights to make it big in the industry. Should you be looking for this type of content, Blue Pen Articles is capable to handle your needs. Our company features writers who are equipped with the latest information about methods, tips and wisdom to write enlightening and instructive guides designed to help both amateurs and professionals. At the same time, our content creators can also do reports on the current state of the industry and its developments, guaranteeing compelling pieces for our many clients.

Casino and Gambling – The gaming industry both online and offline has gone through rapid changes over the years. Should you be interested in generating and publishing content about this fascinating industry, Blue Pen Articles can efficiently handle your needs. Our dedicated team of writers are knowledgeable and experts in this specialized landscape and they can provide you with excellent, highly-engaging and insightful articles and posts that will certainly inform everyone about the current issues that’s gaining momentum in the world of casino and gambling.

Spanish Articles – Spanish is one of the most widely used speeches around the globe. Unfortunately, there are not that many companies that offer content specifically in this type of language. Luckily for everyone out there, there is Blue Pen Articles. Blue Pen Articles manages a team of writers and content experts that are well-versed in the beautiful language. They have been immersed in the dialect, phonetics and intricacies of this speech, and they can write together impactful and interesting content that will certainly attract attention and engage readers.

Sport Articles – The world of sports and athleticism involves a lot of moving parts and big news. Should you require content on this wide, comprehensive and infinitely interesting subject, Blue Pen Articles can handle your needs. Blue Pen has in its rosters writers who are experts of the sports industry. Regardless of whatever type of sport you want to focus on, our talented and skilled writers can write content that will certainly engage both athletes and sport fans.

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