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Who we are?

Blue Pen Articles is increasingly becoming one of the world’s finest content writing services. Equipped with top industry knowledge and years of insight in the print and the digital landscape, Blue Pen Articles ensures our clients exclusive, well-crafted and unique content, designed to serve their numerous needs and comply with the stringent and varying needs of their respective industries.

Since our inception in 2011, we have made a veritable impact. We have helped dozens of organizations and companies with their businesses and marketing initiatives, producing content that has acquired them new customers and more revenue. We have had wonderful reviews from our clients from all over the world.

At present, we are expanding our business and we are open for eager internet marketers to join us as affiliates, providing valuable assistance in our continuing initiative to produce great content and provide valuable service to companies around the world.

What can our affiliates expect from Blue Pen Articles?

You will be able to advertise Blue Pen Articles, one of the best content writing services working today. Once you have our links on your pages, you will be able to drive more traffic to your site.

Blue Pen Articles provides recurring commissions to our loyal and successful affiliates. Once you are able to refer and send Blue Pen Articles a customer that orders, we will pay you with a handsome commission.

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Are we sure that we’ll get recurring commissions from multiple orders?

Yes, that’s a guarantee. Certainly, there are many content production houses online today. However, they only focus on a few types of content or a specific service. Blue Pen Articles specializes in a variety of content types, from traditional news and timeless magazine articles, to modern blog posts, comprehensive Amazon reviews, optimized SEO copy and viral social media writings. We can even write press releases, diet and weight loss tips, travel guides and catalogs, scripts for videos, food reviews and recipes, essays, and even Do-it-Yourself how to articles, tech pieces, and now, electronic books and white papers.

All of our content are produced and managed by our roster of excellent, highly-qualified and experienced writers. Each has had years of training and have written hundreds of articles, honing their skills to create truly captivating narratives and captivating writings.

Best of all, Blue Pen Articles pledges convenience and value for your money. Our highly capable team can turnover any written material that our clients require within the tightest time frame. We can deliver in a week, in a matter of days, even in the short span of 24 hours. We can deliver immediately at the most competitive prices available in the market.

With the numerous expertise and our excellent service, you will certainly earn a lot.

How do I apply to become one of Blue Pen Articles program?

1. Fill up our Affiliate Application Form.

2. Once we get your application, we will review closely your submission. Once we’re finished, we’ll send you a letter of acceptance and more information about our program.

3. Following your acceptance, we’ll also send you detailed but easy to follow instructions on how you can begin the process of advertising Blue Pen Articles on your website or on your email list.

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