The Importance of Translations Services in 2021

Being able to translate English to any language has never been so important as in 2021. The world is facing a series of unprecedented events that are forever changing the way we communicate and live in many different ways. The current COVID-19 pandemic has created a paradox on how we perceive distances and the world itself. On one hand, the complex restrictions that many nations put in place to safeguard our health have significantly limited our ability to move around, to the point that many people now rarely beyond the safety of their own houses. National borders have never been so much like impassable walls as they are now. On the other hand, though, we’ve learned the importance of connecting ourselves far beyond our traditional borders. As many people fully embrace the remote working revolution, distances now seem much smaller than they used to be.

The technological transformation that so far faced so many challenges to fully take off, has now been accelerated at an incredible pace by the impending epidemic. All our products, services, and offers can reach much wider, multilingual audiences around the entire globe rather than being limited to our regional borders. This means we need to make these services and products more accessible even to those who cannot speak or read English, making good translations a necessity rather than a luxury. As the new technological and social trends pick up and evolve, let’s have a look at the present and future of translations for digital businesses of all kinds and sizes.

Why is so important to translate English to any language for your business?

Most people who use the Internet are able to speak English at least at a basic level. Why taking upon yourself the onerous tasking of translating all your content to any other language then? Well, although while saying that most people browsing the web can at least understand the general meaning of an English ad is probably true, that’s only a small part of the whole truth.

In fact, you might find it surprising to know that nearly half of consumers think that being able to find information about a product is more important than what they pay to buy it. And on top of that, nearly three-quarters of them spend nearly all their time browsing the Internet on sites written in their native languages. Customers have a much greater chance to purchase a product or choose a service when it’s advertised to them in their own language. Translating your message can help you reach even those who are less tech-savvy. Happy customers are much more likely to talk about your offers to a colleague or friend who doesn’t speak English very well if they are advertised in their native language. Bottom line, there’s a very poignant reason to pay someone to translate your content from English to Spanish, or from English to German. And that reason is, fair and square, to increase your revenues.

Who should translate all your content?

If you want to extend your reach and communicate with worldwide audiences, make sure to hire a good professional translation service. While speaking your customers’ language can be very beneficial to your business, not doing it fluently enough can outright kill your credibility in an instant. Few things are a bigger turn-off for customers than reading a poorly written ad ridden with grammar mistakes.

Free services make use of advanced Artificial Intelligence to understand the content and provide a somehow reliable but quite rough translation of simple texts. While many modern automatic translators such as Google translate have significantly improved over time, they’re still very far from being able to pick up on all the nuances of human language. The results can be okay-ish for a basic web page, but for anything more complex than that, you definitely need to seek the services of trained human translators. Make sure to choose only the best, most reputable professional translation service you can find. Chances are, you will end up hiring Blue Pen Articles to do most of your translations anyways!