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In October 2019, Google released what it has deemed the most important update it has provided in half a decade: the deep-learning algorithm BERT. BERT stands for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers,” but unless you have a strong tech background, that probably does not help you understand its importance. Essentially, BERT is a deep-learning algorithm […]



So you want to build a webpage that is well optimized in 2020. A noble goal, but an often confusing one. There is so much misinformation across the web about what constitutes good SEO and which techniques gain the most clicks. Luckily, the winning formula is a simple and effective one: you just need to […]

Why Storytelling Really Matters In Content Marketing

Everybody is talking about applying “storytelling” to content marketing these days. Rapidly growing into just another buzzword used by wannabe marketing experts, however, the whole concept of storytelling is hard to grasp and even harder to master. So instead of making this potent word into a parody to showcase in resumes and cover letters just […]

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What Professional Locksmith Content Writers Can Do for You

If you’re a business owner, you know that companies live and die by their ability to attract new customers. Given that more than 3.5 billion searches are performed on Google every day (according to analytics compiled by Oberlo), drawing in new clientele largely means increasing the visibility of your website. Locksmith services are no exception. […]

locksmith content

Unlocking Potential Clients with Locksmith Articles

Your business thrives only as long as it is kept in the public eye. Without clients knowing who you are or being reminded of your locksmithing business, sales and service calls dry up. One sure way to boost your company and draw in new clientele is by hosting high-quality locksmith-related content on your website. In […]

locksmith articles

Top Features of High-Quality Locksmith Articles

Any business in the modern world should have a functional website to stay relevant. But even if you have a website for your locksmith company, you risk losing out on significant numbers of clients if you don’t provide top-notch content for your users. What does the best locksmith content look like? For starters, you should […]

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How to Capture Readers’ Attention with Travel Content

A website needs to have top-quality content in order to stand a chance in today’s market. If you own or operate a travel-related company, one of the best ways to see an immediate rise in website traffic and customer leads is to create informative and interesting travel content. So how do you capture the imagination […]

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Boosting Your Traffic with Travel Content

Take a deep dive into the top Google search trends of 2019 and you will no doubt notice a pattern. Many of the searches that people around the world typed into their search bar had to do with travel. Sports events like the Super Bowl and the World Cup are popular, and many of those […]

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Understanding the Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Business Owners

Since the beginning of the 21st century, there have been a myriad of changes to the economy that have greatly impacted how our society functions. The past two decades have had a major impact on how various facets of our civilization work, and this has been evident throughout numerous aspects of our culture. One of […]

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Creating Data-Driven Content

Marketers salivate over quality data. It helps determine a website’s target demographic, highlight sales and engagement trends, and provides valuable insight into methods that can attract more customers in the target group. But there is a catch. Most websites recognize that keyword-intensive content is crucial to search engine optimization. In fact, it is part of […]

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How to Improve Your Email Marketing Instantly

Nobody likes receiving spam emails about irrelevant products or events. We live in an age that is drowning in content that vies for our attention practically every second of every day. And yet online marketers know that sending emails to potential customers, bloggers, and related companies is an effective way to gain traction through building […]

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Are Keywords Still Important When Writing an SEO Article?

In the past, SEO writers had one concept drilled into their brains when writing new content: make sure you include quality keywords regularly throughout the article. Though times have changed and Google has updated its search engine algorithms, this still remains true. Keywords are crucial to developing content that attracts both users and search engines […]

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Most Important Things You Need to Check Before Hiring an SEO Company

As a member of the 21st century, you know that search engine optimization is crucial for the success of your business. You need to draw in those clicks and page visits to stand a chance in a world dominated by huge corporations like Amazon. Hiring an SEO company to boost your numbers and ensure that […]