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Boosting Your Traffic with Travel Content

Take a deep dive into the top Google search trends of 2019 and you will no doubt notice a pattern. Many of the searches that people around the world typed into their search bar had to do with travel. Sports events like the Super Bowl and the World Cup are popular, and many of those […]



So you want to build a webpage that is well optimized in 2020. A noble goal, but an often confusing one. There is so much misinformation across the web about what constitutes good SEO and which techniques gain the most clicks. Luckily, the winning formula is a simple and effective one: you just need to […]

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In October 2019, Google released what it has deemed the most important update it has provided in half a decade: the deep-learning algorithm BERT. BERT stands for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers,” but unless you have a strong tech background, that probably does not help you understand its importance. Essentially, BERT is a deep-learning algorithm […]

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Ecommerce Business

How to Make Money Starting Your Own Ecommerce Business

The 21st century has been an era filled with innovation and dynamic opportunities. There has been an immense change throughout our society in the past two decades, as the Internet and other web-based technologies have become ubiquitous all across the globe. With over 4 billion people connected to the Internet in 2020, it is safe […]

AI-Generated Content

How Google Changed Its Position Regarding AI-Generated Content

If you’re working in the SEO or content writing industry, this title might make you fret or rejoice. So, stick longer and see how exactly Google’s position has changed when it comes to content generated by artificial intelligence (AI). How Does AI Work to Create Content? Artificial intelligence has evolved tremendously over the past few […]

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Google Content Update: All You Should Know

Google is going to soon launch the so-called helpful content update which, according to many experts, has the potential to be one of the most impactful search algorithm updates in more than a decade. The upcoming update will affect websites with a lot of “SEO content”. This is a type of content that’s only meant […]

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Meaningful Content Always Attracts Readers. Here’s How to Do It Right!

Meaningful and newsworthy content has always been the way to go if you want an increase in your number of readers that are also engaged and active. Your website, regardless of the topic it focuses on, will benefit greatly from long-form content that is relevant, true, and thoroughly researched. In this article, we will be […]

Why Is Long-Form Content Working So Well and How to Do It Right

It’s the harsh reality of online publications and social media that long-form content is frowned upon and short and flashy pieces take the spotlight instead. In the times that we live in where everything needs to be fast and the readers’ attention is short and must be drawn to something shiny immediately, longer written pieces […]

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How to Come Up with Excellent Content for Your Travel Website

Travel content has been one of the most popular types of content, regardless of its type, for years. It’s no surprise that these types of blogs and websites have large audiences and that is mostly because they inspire people. Travel articles do not usually promote brands like most other types of content do and therefore […]

Long-Form Content

The SEO Value of Long-Form Content and Why It’s Worth the Money

Long-form content is often overlooked these days when most marketers prefer to focus on concise and visually engaging content.  However, especially SEO-wise, long-form content has undeniable value. Short, straightforward texts that catch readers’ attention are also an essential part of a good content strategy. Therefore, to make the best of both worlds, marketers should combine […]

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SEO Content for 2021

Anyone who knows at least a little bit about digital marketing is aware of the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Web content that’s not SEO optimized can’t be easily found by users, which ultimately translates into low traffic and low profits. Not surprisingly, the demand for high-quality SEO-optimized content is constantly rising. No matter […]

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Google updates its algorithm for product reviews

Google’s new algorithm update benefits in-depth and comprehensive product reviews.   Google launched its newest search algorithm update on April 8, 2021. The update is being called the product reviews update and it’s all about content that offers the best, most complete product reviews. In their announcement, Google highlighted how product reviews that feature “insightful […]

travel articles

How Travel Articles Can Boost Your Website Traffic

We all know how often the travel industry changes. One year it can be booming and the next, airline ticket sales mysteriously decrease. We’ve also seen what a pandemic can do, cancelling thousands of travel plans and bringing many travel companies to the brink of extinction. That’s why it’s more crucial than ever to have […]