Google updates its algorithm for product reviews

Google’s new algorithm update benefits in-depth and comprehensive product reviews.


Google launched its newest search algorithm update on April 8, 2021. The update is being called the product reviews update and it’s all about content that offers the best, most complete product reviews. In their announcement, Google highlighted how product reviews that feature “insightful analysis and original research” are going to be rewarded, meaning they’ll be ranked higher in search engine results.

Among other things, Google said their recent test data concluded that consumers are looking for high-quality product reviews. They claim that, “thin content that simply summarizes a bunch of products” is not ideal and will not rank as high as product reviews that cover multiple subtopics.

Keep in mind that Google is not penalizing websites, but instead, providing more of an incentive for creating and posting outstanding product reviews.

Are your product review pages up to par? Read on to discover how this latest Google algorithm update may affect your search engine rankings.

What pages does this Google algorithm update affect?

According to Google’s post, this update pertains to product reviews pages only. So, if your website doesn’t host this type of content, you won’t be affected.

However, content creators of all types should take heed to this announcement, Google advised, even if product reviews are not in your repertoire!

Since most people searching the internet are hoping to find exemplary content, creators should be focusing on providing it. If your website doesn’t offer product reviews, going above and beyond by offering top-notch content is always going to help your search engine rankings.

What kind of product reviews does Google prefer?

The new Google product review update caters to review sites that provide customers with not only basic information, but also cover “various categories of performance,” previous model comparisons, an assessment of its design, and much more.

In fact, this latest Google algorithm update has also stipulated that product reviews should be written by experts who are well-versed in the product’s category or niche. Therefore, content creators should be well-advised, knowing about the product is one thing, but knowing about the product’s industry is another.

Since Google wants to be the best search engine, it’s only natural that their algorithm update establishes higher standards for the online shopping experience.


Google’s product reviews update will highly rank reviews that:

  • Review the product’s pros and cons.
  • Distinguish it from its main competitors.
  • Depict expertise and knowledge of the product and its industry.
  • Explain specific circumstances in which the product is best suited.
  • Identify key decisions in the product’s design and the effect it has on use.
  • Go over previous models, compare, and highlight the evolution of the product.
  • Feature the products specific details in ways that go beyond the manufacturer’s.
  • Aim to show the product’s physical details and how it’s used better than its manufacturer.
  • Offer rankings for various categories of use and operation, such as ease of use, durability, etc.

In the April announcement, Google also linked their post, Providing better product information for shoppers, which gives additional advice on creating strong and effective product pages for shoppers. It describes the key variables that are necessary for identifying products online, such as a product’s Global Trade Item Number (GTIN™). This is quite a valuable resource if you’re an online store.

The Google product reviews update is live.

As of the date of the announcement, this latest Google algorithm update has been live. However, it only involves product review pages that are in English. Google hasn’t affirmed whether this update will expand to product reviews in other languages.

Why is this Google product review update important?

Reviewing your site’s product reviews and subsequent pages is crucial right now, considering this recent Google algorithm update. If you’re one of the many websites presenting product reviews of any kind, you’ll invariably be affected.

There’s no need to explain how vital it is to appear in Google’s search engine results. So, take a look at your recent traffic and compare. Do your own test searches using your keywords to see what appears and examine the top performers.

Have you seen a decrease in traffic since the implementation of this Google update? Try your best to review your website’s pages and articles, double check your product reviews, and go over your SEO. Study Google’s latest announcement and follow their advice as closely as possible.

This re-focus on providing rich content is sure going to help customers get the details they need to make informed online purchases, thereby allowing Google to create a more rich online experience for browsers.