The importance of good content in 2021

2021 has been a long year that saw many changes that revolutionized the life and habits of countless people across the world. The COVID-19 pandemic forever changed the way we interact with social networks and the Internet in general, and we can’t but ask ourselves some questions. How is content writing going to change in 2021? Is it still important as it used to be? How are we going to evolve our marketing strategies to keep up with the current trends of the world wide web? Let’s have a look.

Facts, numbers, and statistics

All the boldest claims about the importance of well-written articles and posts in 2021 are nothing if they’re not backed up by facts and data. So, let’s crunch some very tangible numbers and statistics brought forward by the experts to learn why you need good content to support your modern digital marketing efforts:

  • When learning about a new product or service, over 70% of internet users prefer to read an article than an ad, and they will put much more trust in it. This percentage increases further if the article is also backed up by a good (albeit short) video.
  • According to the current sentiment analysis, 60% of marketers think that a robust article writing strategy is central in their marketing efforts, and one-quarter of them plan to allocate larger budgets to it in 2021.
  • Content writing is 60% cheaper than outbound tactics and generates three times more leads. Compared to businesses that do not use it at all, it generates a whopping six times more leads.
  • A blog can grow your leads by 125%. Over 90% of the top enterprises update their blog at least once per week.

Is content still the king in 2021?

In a nutshell, the answer is YES. Content still is the king, way above any other marketing strategy, and is probably more important now than it ever was. As more and more people are forced at home due to the current coronavirus limitations, they must use technology to work and keep themselves connected to the outside world. This means that all forms of digital articles are consumed by users at an amazingly increased rate.

Needless to say, high-quality content can make all the difference in the world between grabbing your prospects’ attention and entice them in reading more about your offers, products, or services. Articulated text is also identified as “not an ad” by many ad blocker apps, so it’s the simplest way to get around them and make sure your customers actually read what you say. Bottom line, since great content is such a critical component of the buyers’ journeys, make sure to keep all your writers disease-free in these hard times!

What makes good content in 2021?

Not all content comes equal. Besides being generically “well-written” how your articles must be to stay competitive in 2021? Here are a few tips:


With so much stuff going around, people’s attention is rapidly dwindling. Your texts must be catchy, interesting, and engaging. Above all, it must be quick. Do not waste too many words to say something: get straight to the point!


You can’t extend a wide net hoping to gram them all anymore in 2021. Your content must be targeted to your specific audiences and as personalized as you can.


No text is set in stone. You must tweak, change, edit, fix to make it perfect. Check your data to understand what your customers like and what they don’t, where they spend more time on, which articles convert more, etc.


The current marketing ecosystem is much more complex than it used to be, say, 3 years ago. New social media keep popping up every day, so cross-channel marketing is a must these days. All your content must be flexible enough to be adapted to a broad range of different channels and platforms.


People’s thirst for a good reading cannot be ever quenched. The pandemic changed our relationship with technology, and the way our marketing strategies must be delivered, but it didn’t change one fundamental thing: how important is to have the best content writers available at all times!