Boosting Your Traffic with Travel Content

Take a deep dive into the top Google search trends of 2019 and you will no doubt notice a pattern. Many of the searches that people around the world typed into their search bar had to do with travel. Sports events like the Super Bowl and the World Cup are popular, and many of those searches also have to do with booking hotel reservations, finding Airbnb spots, and learning about the best activities to partake in while visiting the host city.

If you’re a hotel owner, run a hospitality agency, or are otherwise involved in the travel industry, this trend should lift your spirits. There are people out there who are desperate to learn about and read travel articles! Now, the issue is finding a way to rope those people in, draw them into your website, and convert them into paying customers. The answer is content designed for search engine optimization (SEO).

Getting a Slice of the Google Pie

Looking at Google’s search statistics compiled by Oberlo, it’s clear that the search giant dominates internet queries. In fact, more than 92% of all internet searches are conducted through Google. That amounts to about 3.5 billion searches every single day! Think of this as a large pie, with all web pages vying for their portion. If you have a travel blog or run a company focused on the hospitality industry, there are billions of people out there searching for travel-related content that you can target with SEO.

The idea is simple: provide high-quality, informative, interesting content that stands out from the crowd. This is what catches the eye of Google’s algorithms, making you climb the search engine rankings and attract more customers. Your goal should be to rank on the front page of Google. After all, when was the last time you clicked through the search engine’s umpteenth page? Most people don’t. By crafting top-notch content and convincing Google’s algorithms that your website is legitimate and will answer users’ questions, you can rank on the front page and stand a higher chance at capturing those users.

What Top Quality Travel Content Looks Like

Good content answers the questions that people are asking. Check out Google’s Trends page to learn what users are searching for. In addition to the above sports example, for instance, your targeted audience may search for keywords like hotels, trips, spas, beaches, mountains, etc. You can also study current events to capitalize on search trends. For example, people in the United States currently search for terms like “coronavirus travel restrictions” or similar issues. To get those people onto your website, you need content that addresses these problems, provides informative data, and converts those users to clients. That’s the job that good content can do for you.

Travel Content Drives Your Business

You can have the cleanest, chicest, most affordable hotel in your area, but if people don’t hear about it, you won’t have customers. In the past, you may have been able to get by with a newspaper ad here and there. You may have been able to rely on the proverbial word-of-mouth grapevine. Today, that doesn’t work.

When people need information, they turn to their smartphones or their computers. 3.5 billion searches every day is definitive: our society is primarily digital now. In order to attract customers to your travel agency, hotel, motel, or Airbnb crib, you need to have top-notch travel content on your website. Get a skilled travel content creator today and start bringing in clients.