5 Smart tactics to drive traffic to your site in 2019

There are many interesting tricks to drive more relevant traffic to your website. Note how I stressed the word “relevant” here since in 2019, driving traffic which is not relevant to your website is completely pointless. We’re not in 2014 anymore, so bringing thousands of visitors through black hat tricks (such as by using botnets) can even damage your website by compromising its relevancy for a given set of queries. So, here are a few interesting tips to increase your daily or weekly visitors quota so you can improve your website conversions.

  1. Take full advantage of the power of Social Media

Today, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are used by the vast majority of internet users. Everyone has a Facebook profile, and people truly love to click on the “share” button every time they find some content they like. It’s a way to show their friends how interesting and “good” is the stuff they read or watch. Brand awareness or reach campaigns are much cheaper than you can imagine and may attract a lot of natural interactions. If you choose the right content, it’s not so hard to have it go viral and see your website traffic enjoy a boom in total visits for just a few dollars.

  1. Use internal links to push your own content

It is true that maybe SEO is not the king anymore, but it still works pretty well, and it’s super cheap. Internal links have been used for ages to push your own content, especially older posts which are growing stale. However, if you choose your anchors carefully, you can pique the curiosity of your visitors and entice them into clicking in some of these lists. If your content is good enough, these people may jump from page to page and stay on your website for a lot of time.

  1. Write and accept guest posts

There are a lot of websites that publish content that is very similar to yours. They’re not necessarily competitors though. You should try approaching them and offer them free content with a solid link pointing to your website. Other than providing you with a nice natural boost to your organic SEO efforts, free links are a great way to increase your traffic by driving some visitors to your site – especially if the blog that is hosting your article is large enough.

  1. Spend some time on Quora asking people’s questions

People ask questions all the time, and since Yahoo Answers is practically dead today, Quora is a great place to find information. Just spend a few minutes writing an interesting answer and tell people to click on a link that redirects them to your website to find “a longer/more in-depth explanation.” A lot of people will be interested and will give it a look, and in the meanwhile, you just grabbed a high DA/PR link for free.

  1. Improve your site’s responsiveness

Did you know that Google recently employed the mobile-first indexing? In a nutshell, the mobile version of a site is the one checked first when the search engine decides how its pages must be ranked. So, if you didn’t do it already, you should check if your site is responsive enough. Keep in mind that the number of people who use mobile devices to navigate the web recently surpassed the number of people who use desktop computers. In other words, you should make your website as beautiful and interesting for mobile users as you possibly can.