The Importance of Original Content In Your Website for Google Ranking

The very first thing that every blogger or Webmaster has to do is the provide contents to a website. From articles to images or even videos, content is a fundamental part of a successful website.

Supplying content to your site can be tedious. A 500-word article can take hours from writing, editing and the actual publishing to a site. There are images to edit, photos to credit and the same goes to videos. But all these hard work will be paid off with Google’s ranking.

We all want our site to rank high right? If you love to monitor your site, we want it to come up at the first or at least on the first page of every search engine result. While some resorted to tricks, you must ALWAYS use original content for your site.


Original Content = High Quality Site

An original content is the main requisite to achieve a great site.  When a visitor reads your content and finds them familiar from other sites, chances are, you ruined your chance of having a returning visitor. We all want to read new and genuine materials on the net.

Writing contents regularly is not easy. Visitors want fresh and updated information and you have to deliver that.  Never paraphrase someone’s work not even following his or her angle.

Originality must also be accompanied with quality. No matter how you provide original content but the quality is poor, your site is still no good.

As much as possible, use your own images. If you can’t observe proper acknowledgement and credits to the image owner and source – citing sources also tell that you are professional and someone who is trustworthy.

Being original is not just about using your own words and images. It goes deeper into using the same idea. Some sites have earned their spot on their style and ideas. Take Buzzfeed for example or Listverse – these sites have pioneered in a specific style that captured readers. Some have followed and still effective while others are plainly trying too hard.

The clue here is to stay original. Being original gives your site its unique style and own identity, the kind of identity that will capture loyal visitors and with that, high traffic.


Google’s Panda

Have you heard about Panda? You surely do. But what is it animal doing with Google? Panda, named after one of Google’s tech brain, is a filtering tool. For years, many web owners tried to elude plagiarism by scraping contents from other sites or duplicating contents from different pages of their own website. After all, the Internet is a machine.

But wait, Google has made this algorithm to scan more “human” with Panda. Google’s Panda is the reward you will from all the work of putting only original content on your website by punishing sites with copied and duplicated contents.

Remember how original contents yield to high-quality website? Panda purifies the Internet with low-quality sites and only ranks those sites with original content.  With Panda, Google has eliminated sites like those E-zine articles from search results.

When your site is ranked, you will get high traffic. High traffic of course leads to more sales and profits for your website. So keep the patience and hard work in putting only original contents to your website.