Read These 5 Statements If You’re Doubting the Importance of Original Content

Whether you’re running a business or building a personal brand, the internet plays a vital role in your marketing activities. While regularly posting relevant articles on your blog will give an impression that you and your company are active, you also need to make sure that they are original as well.

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But if you’re a budget-conscious businessperson, you’ll probably be hesitant to spend money for original content. You need to make sure that what you’re investing in will be beneficial to business. Well, if you’re trying to boost your brand image online, the importance of original content can’t be stressed enough.
Check out these statements to help you understand how unique, high-quality content is vital to your company’s longevity in the web.


1.   People love original content.

Who would want to read something that they already read somewhere else? The internet offers a massive amount of information these days; thus, reading the same thing from one website to another is a complete waste of time. When you produce original content with fresh ideas or relevant information regularly, people will be coming back to your website as they’ll be curious of what new stuff you’ll be offering. They would even subscribe to your feed or bookmark your page to be sure they get updates.


2.   Search engine robots love unique write-ups, too!

Although these bots actually don’t read and understand your content, your online marketing should include one of the important activities – search engine optimization. For those unfamiliar with SEO, allow us to explain. Search engines such as Google has at least thousands of algorithms to determine how webpages rank in the search results for specific key phrases. It’s important to note that constantly posting articles that duplicate other websites will cause your own site to disappear from the results, as the bots will put it on a banned list.


3.  Valuable information from one-of-a-kind content drives traffic to your website.

Having original content, posting regular updates and getting a high number of visitors staying for a long time on your page are among the factors that boost your ranking. The higher your page’s ranking, the greater the chance your target audience will see your page in the search results. Since people love unique, relevant content, they will also be confident to link their own blogs to your page or share the content through social media. And the higher the number of links and shares you have, the higher your ranking can be. In the end, your original content will have a high number of visitors coming in from various sources.


4.   Unique, relevant write-ups promote your expertise and increase your authority.

By publishing unique content relevant to your target audience’s situation and needs, you start to build followers who look up to you for no-nonsense information. This will essentially help establish your expertise in the industry and influence your readers’ perception. This authority is useful in retaining customer loyalty, introducing a new product and even just engaging with your target market.


5.   Original blog posts increases the chances of boosted sales.

To simplify: you post original content that your originally small audience will love to read and share; due to high traffic, your unique blog posts get prominent rankings in search engines; potentially new readers see your pages through search engines and they click on the links; after reading some of your latest original, useful content, they realize how great the information provided was, and thus, they’ll check your homepage to see your products/services. At this point, you need to make sure that the rest of your marketing strategies can effectively convert the enthusiastic reader into a long-term customer.

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