3 Foolproof Ways to Get Your Email Subscribers to Open and Read Your Emails

You’ve gone through a lot of work to get people to sign on to your email list.  It’s a hard job that you’ve done successfully, and now you have a good distribution list going!  But maybe you’re starting to notice an alarming trend: people aren’t opening your emails!

Of course, this is never a good sign.  If people don’t read your emails, it means that you are losing your ground with these once loyal subscribers, and possibly losing business and money.

So how can you improve your emails and get people to actually read what you want to tell them?

Let’s take a look at three different ways of creating emails that your subscribers will without fail open and read!


1: Make Them Want to Open It

The two most important things that people see when checking their email is the sender and the subject line.

Make sure that when you’re sending emails to your list, they see your name or your company name as the sender.  If they don’t recognize who you are, they will be more apt to report your emails as spam.

The subject line is also extremely important.  Your subject should be clear, telling the reader exactly what is in your email without being too lengthy.  Give them an idea to nibble on, something that will make them curious and wanting more information.

Keep your emails out of the spam folder by avoiding ALL CAPS and any keywords that are normally used in spam mail.


2: Make Them Want to Keep Reading

Your content is also very important.  If a subscriber to your email list opens your first few emails and doesn’t find any information of value to him personally, then he will probably get into the habit of deleting your emails without reading them or, even worse, may unsubscribe entirely.

Thus, make sure that your content is informative, interesting, and appropriate to the target audience.  Why did your subscribers join the email list in the first place?  What content on your website drew them in?  Build on that.

Also, make sure that your emails are readable from a mobile device, because it is becoming more and more common for people to check their email on their phone or tablet instead of on a computer.  Don’t miss out on these readers!


3: Make Sure You’re Sending the Right Types of Emails

Right off the bat, every subscriber should receive a welcome email.  This is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with them.  Set the expectation of what they will receive.

Another email in your repertoire should be a get to know you email.  What are their problems and how can your business help?  Read their responses and get great insight.

Give your subscribers a treat with a free gift email, giving them either exclusive tips or an actual freebie that they can download or have shipped to them.  These people are your fans, show you appreciate them!

Also, be careful of the frequency of your emails.  Don’t bombard people with more information than they can handle.  Trickle helpful and interesting emails and they will be more likely to open them.


So there you have it, some best practices for getting the most of your distribution list.  Keep your subscribers happy and your email list will just keep growing!