7 Dos and Dont’s of Content Writing

You need the highest-quality possible content to rank your website, increase conversions, and rank your digital marketing strategy. Let’s have a look at the most important “dos and don’ts” of content writing in 2018.

  1. Do – Quality is paramount

Nothing is more important than posting content that is catchy, interesting and valuable. Things like over-optimization, extra length, and obnoxious backlinks don’t matter so much. Your content must ultimately be good. Everything else is secondary.

  1. Do – Keep your content focused

When you write an article, you must thoroughly research the topic and then keep it focuses. If you skip from one topic to the other, Google will get confused and will add a lot of additional keywords to the fray. The more diversified and unrelated those keywords are, the lower will be the score that you get for each one of them. Run an in-depth keyword analysis before writing it, not after to avoid keyword cannibalization as well.

  1. Do – Unique content always wins

It’s quite hard to be able to write something that truly sounds unique today. But it is possible. You may look at that topic from a different angle, or provide some genuinely new advice to your readers. Trust our experience: Google and your audience will always reward you for that.

  1. Don’t – Write articles that are ultimately boooooring

A frequent misunderstanding in the SEO world is that the longer is the content, the better it will perform. That’s wrong, or, at least, it’s only partially true. Long content works better only if it’s so catchy that readers will read it down to the bottom. If it’s more detailed, complete and thoroughly researched, yes, longer content is better. If it’s just long and diluted, then it’s just plain boring.

  1. Don’t – Over-optimized content that looks fake

Seriously, guys, we’re not in 2016 anymore. Keyword stuffing doesn’t help, and over-optimized content that looks fake as hell will be skipped through by both human readers and Google bots as well. Stuff like “optimal percentage” of keywords are a thing of the past, and what really matters now, is that your content sounds as natural as possible.

  1. Don’t – Write tons of thin content pages

Quality is always better than quantity. Do not write ten 200 words-long pages with redundant or irrelevant things no one cares about. Do not split your articles into 5 mini-pages forcing your readers to move through them. They will just bounce away before reaching the end.

  1. Don’t – Never be superficial

If articles that are too long are bad, the opposite is true as well. An article that is too superficial or fails to cover the secondary aspects of a given topic is doomed to failure. Be concise, but not too much. 500-1000 words long pages will always perform better than anything else.


Quality writing is a work of art, and very few people are able to produce truly superior content. Don’t waste your time and money with cheap writers. Always look for the best you can find around!