Get High-Quality Content Through the Blue Pen Wix App

WIX is a popular platform that allows users to create a custom website unique to their needs, including personal blogs, e-commerce sites, and business websites. However, there’s one thing that the platform doesn’t do: create content for you. WIX gives you all the design tools to craft a site that looks nice and has the proper structure, but you’ll need content to attract an audience. That’s where the Blue Pen Articles App comes in.

At Blue Pen, we’re tired of online content costing so much. As entrepreneurs, we know what it’s like to need writing services for your company website only to be met with high fees and bottom-of-the-barrel work. That’s why we provide top-quality content writing services delivered by a diverse and handpicked writing team from around the world. Get our app today to spice up your website and start raking in the views and engagements.

Optimizing Your Content with WIX

One of the coolest features of the WIX platform is that it allows users to enter specific keywords, answer website-based questions, and input their company’s location in order to get a personalized plan for search engine optimization (SEO). Still, it doesn’t provide the actual content for you.

We suggest coupling this SEO tool with the Blue Pen Articles App. That way, you can simply send us the topic you want your website to rank for, selected by the WIX algorithm, and our writers will get to work crafting different types of website content for you. That includes a range of styles, such as:

  • blog posts
  • articles
  • FAQ pages
  • product reviews
  • social media posts

SEO is a difficult and highly competitive niche. By using the built-in optimization suggestions provided by WIX and pairing that with your own dedicated writer from our company, you can cut out weeks of research time and get the content your website needs, FAST.

The Perks of Having a Dedicated Writer

The writing team at Blue Pen Articles is hand-selected from around the world. We’re a diverse group that writes and speaks 15 different languages (and counting!). But what our clients tend to like best about the Blue Pen system is the concept of a dedicated writer.

When you download and use the Blue Pen Articles app for your WIX website, we assign a dedicated writer from our team to you. They write all of the content that you request, and this has some serious benefits.

  1. Efficiency: If you have revision requests or additional modifications you’d like our team to make, you won’t need to go through a long and arduous bureaucratic process to have your voice heard. You can send a request directly to the writer who handles your content and they will make the changes. Simple, quick, and efficient.
  2. Routine: As a businessperson, you know that the employee training process is one of the big time-killers and money-drains in the corporate world. The same is true when you hire content writers. You don’t want to have to send tons of messages back and forth about the voice, style, or additional details related to your content. A dedicated writer means you don’t have to keep re-introducing your brand voice and website tone every time you want new articles written.
  3. Growth: Having a dedicated writer not only cuts out the difficulty of matching all your articles to the same voice and tone, but it means that there is a direct relationship between you and the content you order. There’s room to grow, with our writers becoming more familiar with your business and your company’s website content needs as you continue to order new articles. That usually means faster content, fewer modification requests, and an overall happy, strong client-writer relationship.

Download Our App and See the Results

We’re confident that you will join the ranks of clients who love our WIX app. It’s a direct pipeline of content right to you. All you have to do is download it, request the keywords and content length, select the style of content you need, and let us do the rest!