The Power of Writing

Even with today’s digital world, writing is more than just encoding characters and typing words. Writing is putting down in words your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. The golden era of supreme writing and the significance of literary works and figures may no longer at par to those centuries ago, but writing is still a powerful tool.


The Influence and Authority of Words

No one can argue to the supremacy of writing. For centuries, writing has toppled down governments, won a heart and eased a broken soul. Writing has been used not just to entertain but also for economical and political reasons.

But the highest power of writing is how it affects to the person. You don’t have to be a best-selling author; the mere fact of jotting down and writing can do wonders to anyone. You don’t realize how much power you have when you write.

Writing gives you more confidence. In fact, highly intellectual people are more into writing their ideas rather than delivering them in speeches. It is through writing that you are not hindered with any kind of doubts to express what you feel and what you want to tell to others.

Individuals like introverts are given the chance to shine through writing. It is in writing that certain personalities that are uncomfortable with facing people that writers they feel most effective. That is when they write – when they say what they want with words.

Contrary to speaking, writing holds no barriers. The writer is freer to express, influence, and even argue. It is easier to crush down any fears and worries; you are less reserved when you write compared to other medium of communication.


Affecting Millions with Words

Perhaps the greatest power of writing is the ability to affect others with words. Written words are stronger and possess great emphasis compared to spoken words. Why? Words when written become more direct with clearer messages. Compared to spoken words, the influence can be caused by the many factors like the communicator – body language, tone of voice, etc.  Effective writing relies only with words but the impact is stronger.

Because written words are not affected with the volume and tone of the speaker’s voice, writing gives more subtle yet solid messages. Thus, if you want to emphasize something, it is best to write them.

Writing is a gift to educate, influence, and inspire others; it has this positive vibe in spreading messages about different topic. There is no other way to share your knowledge and passion other than writing. People are more likely to “ listen” if you write them.  Readers are more receptive to your messages.

They say people spend less time reading but compared to audio, written words are proven effective and people respond more to it. Use your writing to let other people know that they are not alone in something they believe in; let people know that someone shares the same interests and hobbies; convert and persuade others with your words.

Let your writing goes down to the core of your reader. Convey and deliver your messages more effectively through writing. No one should underestimate the limitless power of writing. Thus, it is a responsibility to use it to something positive.

The power of this craft is just one of the many reasons why you should pursue writing. Continue to improve it and keep writing.