What is an Authority Site?

There seems to be a constellation of terms when it comes to succeeding online or harnessing web’s power for your business. A term, rather novelty to most people is “authority site”. What is this? And why should we care to know about this type of site?

A site that is characterized of its high quality and reliability among users is considered an authority site. There are many features that separate an authority site but these two – quality and reliability- are the two basic precepts.

Among other sites on the web, authority sites dominates specifically when it comes to Google ranking, receives high traffic and basically they are on the lead. Let’s get to know more about this type of sites.


High Quality

The number requirement for authority sites is quality- original and superior. This goes beyond web content writing, but content creators must be experts of their niche. Contents are not just to fill the pages of the site or to meet editorial deadlines to provide useful information and facts every time they publish.

Information must be factual and presented in an uncluttered layout.  Photos must be of high resolution and the pages are easy and enjoyable to read.

From the name itself, authority sites are experts in their niche thus can influence their target audience. Creators must specialize with their topics to deliver high quality information.



Unlike other sites, an authority site narrows down a topic and controls the authority and influence in the web. There are many topics available but most of them are widely tackled by other creators. To beat competition and to gain more authority, one must focus on a smaller target.  For example, travel. One niche can be family travel, but a wise authority site builder will choose a more specific niche – family travel with Special Children.

With a more focused niche, users and readers rely to all information from the site.  Thus, having a very dedicated niche is not enough. Authority sites must have weight and power within their chosen niche.

An authority site is a brand itself that users will not think twice to look for another site. We all know an authority site based on our likes and preference. It may take some years for others to build their credibility and stature as an authority site.



Combining influence and high quality, authority sites experience engagement from their followers and readers through commenting, sharing, and linking.  Users take pride in sharing contents of authority sites to their friends. As a trusted web source, users subscribe to mailing list thus, forming long-term relationships with consumers.


Visitor Experience

All its attributes all boils down to good user experience. Authority sites solve problems of users or they give them a good time while visiting their site. As a result, these users return. If you want to build an authority site, one of your aims is to make sure that you site is worthy of your visitor’s time.  Give this to them, and they will engage and return.


Monetizing with Authority Sites

Sites are built to earn money and how can you make bucks from your authority site? If you want instant monetization, forget it. With authority sites, it takes time but many agree that this is the ultimate resource when it comes to making money online?

Affiliate sales, Adsense, ad sales and even own product sales are just one of the many ways in which authority sites earn money.  Authority sites don’t do that hard selling, purchase decisions of many users are influenced by the reputation and trust factor among these authority sites.

It takes dedication and skills but in the end, you will build your reputation that may extend beyond online world as well stretching your earning potential.

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