Why Content is Important to Google

Millions of blogs are published today, with more added every single day. The internet may have open doors to reach more customers and clients, but it also sprouts more and more competitions. Today, we compete globally.

Google has evolved itself cleaning up the web space with sites and contents not worth of your time. Google ran after to those who duplicate contents from other sites or simply publishing worthless contents.

Every marketer wants to be listed on top of every Google search and ranking. Years ago, keywords were used along with frequent and quantity content – 5 keywords, at least 4 times a week of contents.

Have you noticed the changes? Now, marketers want only high quality content and some publishing only once a week. You have seen it from leading blogs and sites, the publish “less” but still on top of Google’s ranking. One thing never changes – their content.


Content is King

Latest Panda update shows that Google only cares for contents that are worth sharing brought by the dominance of social media. And there is only one way for a content to be worth sharing – original and high quality. Panda only eats fresh, high quality, and original content.

Content is king. Content is queen. Whatever you call it, content is everything to Google. A good content gives significant information to the site visitor, thus providing the best user experience resulting to a visitor-friendly site. The friendlier, the more return visitors as well as social sharing attracting new visitors.

Based on many inforgraphics, 52% of purchase decisions by consumers are impacted by blogs and 42% of consumers look for blogs prior to purchases. A very good example is how potential hotel guests would check travel blogs for any hotel reviews or experience. In a web-driven economy, consumers want to have more vivid expectations before they avail a service or product and these are satisfied by content.


Social-friendly Content

To eradicate mediocre content that only crowd the World Wide Web, Google only cares for contents that users are willing to share. And users will only share content that they think is useful, relevant, fresh, and original. The more shares a content gets, the higher its search engine visibility.

A good content also means inclusion in comments as links or mentions. This builds the credibility of the content and the main reason, high quality content.

Every writer and marketer aspires to see their contents getting shares and mentions. They want more than just being “seen” and “like” or being a “favorite”. It gives bragging rights when contents are spread across different social media platforms from Facebook to Google +.

How do you achieve this? High quality content means giving relevant information. It is useful to users? Or just a sermon from the creators? A good content is also easy to read – uncluttered and neat. Make your photos polished, mind your layout and go low with pop-ups and ads.

Followers also want fresh and new content. It doesn’t have to be novelty but a fresh perspective from a topic. Gone are the days that creators who make the content first get the highest Google ranking. It can give a good start but once other contents defeat you in terms of quality, you will never see your content in Google searches.


Don’t Settle for Less

What does Google want to tell us? Google wants us to invest in quality content to users and potential consumers. With this, capitalize on skilled writers and marketers to give you the best content for your business.

Do not settle for mediocre content creators. These contents will never convert your blogs and contents into real purchases. Always aim for highly informative and equally enjoyable site. You can do this with high quality content be it in images or in text.

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