Cashing in on the Net: Internet Marketing Basics

Fast cash, anyone?

Posts on how to make money online as fast as possible is common. So common, in fact, that they’re like mushrooms sprouting in a field – they’re practically everywhere.  And with understandably good reason. After all, who DOESN’T want to make $1,000 in a day? Or $3,000 in a month?

And while it IS possible, here’s the other end of the equation that many people new to Internet marketing haven’t quite gotten around to yet – it also requires work. A lot of it.

In an ideal world, all you need to do click your mouse a few times and you’ll collect $10,485 overnight. No wonder it’s so easy to imagine yourself sailing off into the Caribbean after spending a few hours on your laptop!  The reality, however, is much sober than that.

Yes, internet marketing is a legitimate way to earn good income online, but it’s NOT just about having a method and then scaling it.

The question to ask is not whether or not you want to earn money, because of course you do. Rather, ask yourself: are you prepared to work hard for it?


If you are, here are a few relatively simple steps to get you started:

  1. Choose a topic you know or something you’re very passionate about.
  2. Look into marketplaces like JVZoo and Clickbank for at least 3 good selling products in your chosen niche. And then ask yourself – would I actually buy this?
  3. Google a common problem in the niche, a concern that people are actively searching solutions for.
  4. Whip up an original 2,000-word article precisely addressing the problem. Not a wordsmith? Hire someone from Blue Pen Articles to do it for you. Here’s an example: 5 Ways to Be More a More Hands-on Parent. Another one: Why Traveling Helps You Do Better at Work. It really depends on what niche you decide on.
  5. Purchase a domain name. Remember that it should be something short and easy to remember.  A good example: A bad example:
  6. Get an auto responder. You can have 30-day free trials for both Get Response and Aweber to see how it works first.
  7. Set up your auto responder once you’ve decided which one you’ll go for. Even if you’re not a techie, there are usually how-to videos right in the site to help you with it. Just take note that it has to be SINGLE OPT-IN, and then create your opt-in form.
  8. Hire someone to design an effective (read: high converting) squeeze page (opt-in page) for you. You can easily find professionals who charge reasonable rates over at fiverr. Your opt-in page is where you’ll give away your free report in exchange for other people’s email addresses. When you’re done with this, you just need to send the HTML from the opt-in form you made in your auto responder.

One very important thing to note, though: check that your opt-in text highlights the benefits – not merely mentioning the result. Here’s a good example: How to Spend More Time with Your Kids without Messing up Your Schedule. A bad example would be something like this: The Secret of Hands on Parents. Notice that the good example sounds more realistic and credible – not to mention definitely more attention getting. Again, you can easily hire someone to do your copy if you don’t trust yourself with it.

  1. This is not mandatory, but it’s definitely highly recommended. Get someone to design your download page for your free report. You can have a banner for a product or merchandise you’d like to promote, positioned right under the download link. If luck is on your side, you might be making sales right from the thank you page, when readers sign up to get the free report.


Setting things up:

  1. Your target readers will opt-in to your squeeze page.
  2. Once they do, make sure to redirect them to an affiliate offer – via your affiliate link – that’s related to the report you’re giving away for free. This spells out a few sales right off the bat which, hopefully, will earn you back 25-50 percent of what you spent setting up the traffic in the first place.
  3. The first email your readers should be getting after opting in should be the Thank You/Download page, giving them the free report and showing a creative – and highly noticeable – banner for the merchandise or product you’re promoting.


Scheduling auto responder emails for a week:

Next, you’ll want to schedule, create, and set up your auto responder emails. You can do this in a week long cycle, 1 email a day.

Day 1: Your first email will have the link to the free download.

Day 2: The second email should be along the lines of “hello, how’s it going?” Remind them of the free download, and offer help if they need assistance.

Day 3: You can make your third email your first promotion. Write about the product you’re promoting, the one you redirected them to when they first opted in. No need to worry about the copy; a pre-written email should be available in the Affiliate section of the product site you’re promoting.

Day 4: It’s a good idea to send motivational video from YouTube, something that is easily relatable to people.

Day 5: Do a follow-up of the same product.

Day 6: Find useful information in the Internet, perhaps how-to tricks or DIY tips that can prove handy to them. Send the link to the article or video directly, or draft a version of it and include that in the email.

Day 7: Promote your product for the last time. You can make use of ANOTHER swipe file from the Affiliate Page.

You can repeat the process and create another series of week-long emails for another product, if you have one.

That’s it. Congratulations, you’re done!

But before you get all excited trying to get people to find out about your page, here’s one last batch of words to ponder: invest in paid traffic. No sense in putting a lot of time and effort in the steps above if in the end you’re going to mess it all up with free traffic. If you want to do it, then do it right. Solo ads, for instance, are highly recommended. Check out for popular topics and niches.

With a sound strategy like this, you’ll be well on your way to making your profit instead of wasting valuable time. Good luck!