How Technology Helps Writers to be More Creative

Technology has not just changed the way we do business and the typical processes of industry profession, it has also altered the creative arts, especially writing. Here are some of the ways the current era has impacted the age old craft and has actually made it possible for men and women to expand their imagination:


Technology Has Made it Possible for Writers to Seek Inspiration

Writers find inspiration and motivation through a variety of ways. Some read other materials, other stories, and articles that would give them an idea on how to start, what language to use and what angle to position their pieces in. Some look at pictures and artworks, and wait until it produces an emotional response that would compel them to begin the process of composing a narrative. Some listen to music, because it would usually calm them down or give them the jolt of energy that would produce those creative juices. All of these are found using technology. Through the internet, through various websites and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Spotify and Apple Music, they can find the medium that would give them the drive to weave narratives and write compelling and moving words.


Technology Has Made it Possible for Writers to Gain Knowledge at an Instant

Writing is not just a product of the imagination. Some works, especially non-fiction ones, those that fall within the realm of the essay, blog posts, business articles, news and white papers, require research, facts, figures and data. Traditionally, writers spend hours inside libraries, sorting through different books just so they could acquire the information they need. With technology and the internet, that’s unnecessary.

The internet allows writers everywhere to immediately get the information they require in order to proceed with their writings. Through a quick Google search and some minutes reading, they can even find citations and references that would provide adequate support to one’s arguments and points. Through this, writers can focus on the actual act of composition and even produce more articles.


Technology Has Made it Possible for Everyone to Write Anywhere at Any Possible Time

For writers, they don’t choose when inspirations hits them. Sometimes it arrives at the oddest of times, during commute, while on a bus or a plane, or even while having a meal. Fortunately, technology has given us the capability to write anytime. Through mobile phones, data use and writing applications such as Evernote, writers can pull out their devices and write anywhere they like. Regardless of their location, once the idea hits, they can just jot down notes and continue with their crafts.


Technology Has Made it Possible for Writers to Join a Community that Improves Their Craft

Contrary to popular belief, writers are not solitary creatures. They thrive in communities that interact and continuously exchange ideas. They thrive in cultures that gives them constructive criticisms and suggests ways and means to hone their skills and better their writing. Technology has allowed for this kind of community to exist, even when its members are in different parts of the globes.

Through Facebook pages, Goodreads groups and even Skype and Hangout, writers can hold mini workshops where they provide each other comments and insights on each other’s writings. Through these, they can see the strengths of what they are doing, its inherent weaknesses and the opportunities that allow the individuals to become better at what they are doing.

Technology has provided numerous benefits to writing. Its presence have changed the craft and have made it easier for writers around the world to pursue their passion, hone their craft and expend their imagination.