How to Capture Readers’ Attention with Travel Content

A website needs to have top-quality content in order to stand a chance in today’s market. If you own or operate a travel-related company, one of the best ways to see an immediate rise in website traffic and customer leads is to create informative and interesting travel content. So how do you capture the imagination of your audience and prevent them from clicking away to other websites? Read on to find out.

Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Regardless of the topics you select for your travel articles or travel blog posts, you want to spend time learning about the ins and outs of search engine algorithms. SEO is an entire industry dedicated to creating content and web pages that attract the eye of Google’s algorithms. You can do SEO yourself, or you can turn to an experienced travel writer who writes content for hotels, motels, Airbnb hosts, and more. But the bottom line is that you need to focus a lot of time and energy boosting your search engine numbers and getting on Google’s front page. That way, your website is seen by more people who can then convert into customers.

Answer Important Questions

One way to boost your SEO and make Google happy is to provide real, significant answers to questions or topics that online users are searching for. Travel-related search statistics from Google show that users are most concerned about travel costs, restaurants, local attractions, and more. They want websites that engage them and are easy to use, so make sure your travel article is informative about your local community, an easy and enjoyable read, and tells your readers what to expect on their vacation.


Examples of good travel content include blog posts about the best local eateries, historical pieces on any important figures from your area, and price comparisons between local hotels. The goal is to give the reader what they need so that they view you as an authority they can trust. This makes them more likely to stay on your site and become your clients.

Learn What Your Audience Searches For

Keyword research is highly important when it comes to writing any kind of content. For a topic as broad and as popular as travel, you want to be extra knowledgeable about the kinds of things people are searching for. A keyword like “flights,” for instance, is probably too generic. You stand almost no chance of wresting search engine rankings for this kind of term from large corporations like airline companies or big-name travel agencies. Instead, build your keyword strategy outward from your local area. More specific keywords often have less competition, allowing you to stand out rather than fading into the shadows of giant companies.

Good Content Means More Money

Clients do not appear out of thin air. To create steady demand and a constant flow of customers (and income…), you need to produce strong content that captures internet users’ attention. Still don’t believe us? Believe the users themselves. In a study by, surveying 1,400 internet users of all ages, tech-savviness, and geographical locations, only 7% of users said they will click through past the first page of Google’s results. People do not want to search past a single results page, which means you need high-quality content so Google will rank you on that first page. If you want to boost your clientele numbers and start seeing results, get help from skilled travel content writers today.