How to Improve your SEO with Email Marketing

The main purpose of any effective SEO strategy goes beyond just increasing a website’s ranking for a given amount of keywords. The ultimate goal of SEO is to increase website traffic – a detail that often gets overlooked. Tweaking every page just to grab one or two more spots in Google’s SERP is often nothing but a sterile and pointless task. If a given keyword does not generate enough traffic, every effort is just plainly futile, so let’s focus on what really matters: increasing the number of visitors.

There is an often-overlooked way to bring more people to your website – Email Marketing. While many think see this marketing channel as obsolete, you will be surprised to find how much Email Marketing can boost your SEO and improve your traffic at the same time. Let’s see how.

  1. Optimize your conversion rate

Emails can be an incredibly efficient tool to optimize your conversion rate by narrowing down your target. After a proper segmentation of your customer’s demographics, interests and activities, you can focus your message only to people who are really interested in buying your service or product.

For example, if your website is an online pharmacy, you may attract a lot of individuals who just want information about diseases and drug side effects through Google, and just a relatively small number of them would be eventually interested in buying your products. An email, instead, can just focus on potential buyers, and with some A/B split testing, can even help you check which page is performing better on your site.

  1. Traffic can positively affect your SEO rankings

An efficient email marketing strategy such as an interesting newsletter can bring many visitors to your website every day. Traffic can positively affect Google rankings, a fact that is so well-known that many businesses improved their marketing efforts by focusing on social media campaigns. However, an email marketing plan has a much better ROI than any social media strategy which can often prove to be very expensive and time-consuming.

On top of that, every user who subscribed to your newsletter is going to come back to your site since he receives a constant reminder of what’s new. A new offer may entice him, or a promotion may catch his attention, increasing your monthly page views and increasing your returning visitor percentage at the same time.

  1. Higher engagement can reduce your bounce rate

Improving user engagement in your website is now more important than it ever was. Other than the obvious consequences such as failing to convert and increase your revenues, if a user leaves your page too quickly, your Google rankings can also take a huge blow. A high bounce rate is a known threat for your Google rankings, so providing your users with compelling content in the form of text, pictures and video is mandatory to avoid taking unnecessary losses in the never-ending battle for the highest SERP.

Emails may work wonders to increase your customer’s engagement, though. They can be tweaked just like any page, and provide your users with a catchy content sneak peek. Emails may include a lot of call to actions, buttons and other links that will let them jump to different pages, so they know in advance what they’re looking for. The more the content is tailored around their needs, the more time they will spend on that page, improving your Time On Site and reducing any risk of potential bounces.

Email marketing and SEO can be used together to achieve incredible results. Do not think about them as mutually exclusive strategies – you should use their combined efforts to maximize your conversions.