How to Successfully Write While Traveling

Traveling the world with your writing materials close in hand, jotting down every second of the adventures you have.  For many writers, this dream has become reality thanks to the advantages of modern technology.  They are funding their passion for travel by doing what they love.

But writing while traveling is not always the paradise world that it may seem.  What are some of the benefits, but what are the challenges?  And how can these challenges be overcome?

The Benefits

A shortened list of the many benefits we could name:

  • A smorgasbord of new ideas to feast on

Inspiration is out there.  Traveling to new places, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people can be the catalyst for good writing.  Inspiration for nearly any type of writing can be found once we step out of our comfort zone and embrace the world we previously did not know existed.

  • Free room and board

As some writers have discovered, your skills with words can be very advantageous.  Speak with the hotel where you are staying or maybe with a restaurant you want to eat at, and tell them you are a writer.  Offer to do an in-depth review of the business and post it on your blog in exchange for a free stay, or a free meal.

Challenges to Face (and Solutions)

Challenge 1
: Making your writing interesting

We’ve all had the experience: a friend invites you over to see the pictures from his trip, and continues droning on in monotone, long after everyone in the room has fallen asleep.  Don’t let this be you!

Solution:  You’re a writer, so be creative!  Don’t just state facts, tell your readers about the place; what it smells like, or the sounds you hear.  Tell them how the place makes you feel.  Get the reader involved in your travels.  After all, those who read it will be living the adventure vicariously through you.

Challenge 2: Finding the perfect writing spot

Probably, you have a workstation set up at home with all the comforts you enjoy.  It is a haven where you can work undisturbed.  This will most likely not be possible to have on your trip.

Solution:  Find a place where you can work comfortably, and take advantage of that spot.  If noise and distractions are a problem, bring a pair of headphones and plug yourself in to some calm, quiet music.  Check the internet connection when you arrive, and if it’s not good enough then seek out a café or a library where you can upload your work.

Challenge 3: Missing the trip

It can be easy to get caught up in work and lose sight of the point.  But remember, why did you decide to travel in the first place?  Did you want to sit at a desk in your hotel room and work, or did you want to see the world?

Solution:  Set aside time every day for writing, and use the rest of your time to go play! Enjoy the sights, take in everything you can, and have fun.  Also, don’t accept more work than you have time to do.  You won’t enjoy the adventure with deadlines hanging over your head.  Making a schedule is key; that way you’ll meet your deadlines and still enjoy every second of the journey.

General Tips for Writing on the Road

  • Prepare your materials

A laptop is great for when you’re sitting in your room, but what about when you’re out exploring?  Bring along a notebook and plenty of pens to jot down details you may forget later.  Also, make sure that when you leave for your trip, you have more than one way to access important information.  Keep vital documents on a flash drive or online, such as with Dropbox.  That way if your laptop bites the dust, you’ll have a backup.

  • Take advantage of waiting time

Don’t lose any time you could spend writing.  While in airports or riding on public transportation, use your time to get some work done.

So what are you waiting for?  Adventure is out there!  Writing while traveling is not only possible, it could be your dream finally come true.