How to Write an Amazon Review

When writing an Amazon review, you can be a contributor to someone’s happiness.  By directing them to a product that could be useful to them, you are helping them discover something that they would enjoy.

An Amazon product description is meant to sell a product.  Your job is to direct buyers to the right place and convince them they need it.

So what is the best way to write an Amazon product review?  First, let’s talk about the structure of the review, and then we’ll discuss some best practices so ensure your reviews are useful and informative to the readers.


How to Structure Your Amazon Review

Although it’s not necessary to copy what we’ve written here, this will guide you through the basic the structure that you would want to have in an Amazon Review.

  • Headline

Add the product name and the word ‘review’, since this is what people will be searching for.  You could also add something to pique interest, such as “Does It Really Work?” or “Is This Product All It Claims to Be?”.


  • Introduction

In this section, tell your reader a bit about the product in general.  For example, if you’re selling an exercise bicycle, tell them why they need an exercise bicycle.  Once they understand the need, tell them about other brands or models.  ‘Other exercise bicycles may have these limitations.’  Then punch a few main points that advocate the particular product that your Amazon Review is about.  ‘Our exercise bicycle is better because it does this.’


  • Features

This section could actually be divided a few times.  One or two paragraphs describing basic features is good, but the most important part is a bullet-pointed list of features.  This great summary will help people see quickly why this product is the one they need.  Also, add two or three headed sections that go into more detail of key features and their benefits to the user.


  • Pros and Cons

This is an absolutely essential section that people will look to for guidance in purchasing the right product.  Comparing the benefits and the downsides of the product help the potential buyer have an objective view, and thus make an informed decision.


  • Conclusion

This doesn’t have to be long, perhaps a single paragraph that generally emphasizes the key points you’ve discussed and encourages the person to purchase the product.


An average word count that you would want to aim for would be around 800 words.  Also, don’t forget to include a link to the product!  This is beneficial to add in several places, but ensure you have links at least around the beginning and conclusion.


5 Tips for Amazon Review Writing

  • Be Honest

Don’t write fake reviews.  This is not only unethical, but can get you in serious trouble.  Either read real customer reviews to see what people liked or didn’t like, or try it yourself!


  • Don’t Create Hype

Don’t try to force anyone into buying the product.  This will just scare readers away.  Speak positively, but don’t get pushy.


  • Use Facts

Listing all of the specs and features is very important because this is the kind of information people really want to know.


  • Relate Benefits

This is a great way of staying positive without being pushy.  When talking about different features, mention how these features are of direct benefit to the user.


  • Be Consistent

When you make use of a template, such as the example above, will help the structure of your reviews to be consistent.  This allows customers to become familiar and at ease with you and your style.


So there you have it!  Enjoy the process of getting to know different products and helping other people to see what to buy when they really need it or would really enjoy using it.