Unlocking Potential Clients with Locksmith Articles

Your business thrives only as long as it is kept in the public eye. Without clients knowing who you are or being reminded of your locksmithing business, sales and service calls dry up. One sure way to boost your company and draw in new clientele is by hosting high-quality locksmith-related content on your website. In fact, according to SEO Tribunal, 97% of people learn more about local companies via the internet. Print media may not be dead, but it is far from the most effective way to reach potential clients. Read on to discover how well-crafted articles can help you “unlock” more customers and new avenues of income.

Optimizing for Mobile Customers

It seems like almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone, and most of us primarily access the internet through those phones instead of through a personal computer. The best online locksmith content, then, should be crafted and optimized for mobile users. What does that look like practically? Below are a few tips.

Pyramid-Style Writing

The pyramid method of writing is especially applicable for mobile users. Your article or blog post for your locksmith company should start with the most relevant, crucial information. In essence, you do not want the user to have to scroll before getting the answer to whatever question brought them to your page. This practice is also known as keeping the most important content “above the fold.”

Use of White Space

Have you ever visited a website only to click away almost immediately after seeing huge chunks of text? That’s an all-too-common scenario. Most of your locksmith company’s website visitors click onto your site for a specific purpose. They simply aren’t as interested in all the details of your business as you are — and that’s fine! The quick lesson to take away from this is to provide a more welcoming article layout by using more white space. Some ways to break up text include:

  • Numbered or bullet points
  • Headings
  • Images
  • Embedded video content

By having less blocked-together text on the page, you help ensure that your audience is not overwhelmed.

Thinking Locally

The vast majority of your customers (especially in an industry like locksmithing) will come from your local population. Why not optimize your locksmith articles and blog post content to cater to them? According to HubSpot, the past few years have seen a 900% increase in the number of searches using terms like “… near me” or “… close to me.” That means there is a huge market of consumers looking for local solutions to their problems, and you can capitalize on that! One example is to offer location-based coupons. In a study published on WordStream, one online marketer saw a whopping 9,916% mobile revenue increase after introducing coupons to the local audience.

Getting Professional Help

If all of this seems overwhelming to you, that’s understandable. After all, you are a hardworking owner of a locksmithing company and may not have the time and energy necessary to create top-quality content for your website. You’re in luck. Sign up for locksmith article writing services today and start seeing a boost of website visits, click-through rates, and new clients!