Why Digital Brands Should Embrace Content Marketing

Content marketing is a central component of every digital marketing campaign and is able to generate an amazing amount of traffic with minimum costs. Implementing a robust content marketing strategy is an essential part of any modern advertising approach.

Common mistakes

No matter how high the ROI of a good content strategy may be, many companies still fail to understand how important it is. Few things can, in fact, damage your business reputation and image as sharing badly written content. Despite this, too many companies still cut their costs by delocalizing their content writing tasks to cheap, low-level writers. You should think of content writing as a new car model during a showroom presentation. Will you ever paint your vehicle with a cheap paint or substitute it with an older, used, and shoddy model?

Why content marketing is so important

Content marketing’s purpose goes well beyond gaining some visibility or grabbing few keywords for SEO purposes. The articles that random visitors will read represent the first thing they will see about your business. It’s their first impression, and cheap, low-quality content that smells of Google Translator tools or underpaid freelance employees will give them a terrible first impression.

On the other hand, welcoming your readers with a pleasant presentation speaks volume of your business’ value, even when it’s not directly hosted on your website. A well-written blog that includes a link to your site sounds like a person who is recommending your brand. Let’s put things into perspective. If you want to check someone’s else opinion to know what’s the best eatery in town, are you going to hear the advice of a well-educated, nicely dressed hotel receptionist, or the advice of a unkempt, sloppy, stranger that smells of booze?

Additional Benefits

A well-planned content marketing campaign can bring home amazing results if quality is paramount. Great articles will attract a ton of spontaneous links, and a lot of other people will start mentioning your brand. SEO techniques are undoubtedly central in increasing your traffic, but a solid reputation is a much more solid long-term strategy in term of ROI and results than just a couple of back-linking tricks.

Unlike the old times of radio and TV, today, people on the Internet just turn their attention away from annoying advertisement. If your content sounds unnecessary, boring, or just plain irrelevant, users will eventually move to a different website, increasing your bounce rate with catastrophic consequences. Grabbing their attention by providing them with stuff that is both interesting and educational is the key.


Today, content’s quality is even more important as in the age of social media SEO is not the king anymore. Writing blog posts and pages is goes well beyond just amassing some keywords hoping to climb Google’s SERP ladder. It is about providing your audience with genuinely interesting and valuable content that they will remember and share. So don’t be cheap, and always choose the best you can find!