10 Tips on How to Write a Post that Google will Love

Keeping a blog is not easy.  But it is rewarding and satisfying, getting your thoughts into the world and letting people see and respond to you.

However, this fantastic interaction would never be possible without Google and other search engines.  You see, for people to actually read your content, they need to find it first.

So how can you create a post that Google will love, thus making it visible to more people?

Honestly, one of the best rules of thumb when it comes to Google-approved content is making it people friendly.  If people don’t like your content, then neither will Google.

Here are ten steps to creating a post that will keep your readers and the search engines happy.


1: Be Informative

There is tons of content available on the internet now, and more is produced every day.  You need to offer your readers something new, a new perspective or new information.  Focus on the goal: you are either going to be informative or entertaining.  Pick one and start writing!


2: Be Well Researched

The information that you put into your content has to be real.  So back up what you’re saying with facts and/or statistics.  This means you need to do your homework.  Get the research done right and your content will be informative and reliable.


3: Build Bigger Content

Longer posts are more useful to readers.  For example, when searching in Google for ‘quick and easy meals’, would you rather choose the site that shows one quick and easy meal, or the site that boasts a list of 20?  The answer is obvious.


4: Do Good Keyword Research

Make sure your keywords are accurate to your subject.  Also, check for LSI keywords, or the words that Google deems to be reasonably similar to the searched keywords.


5: Make It Clear

When writing content, don’t choose a vague, far-reaching subject.  Instead, pick a smaller portion and add more detail.  You want your content to be clear and focused, not bouncing from one idea to the next.  Better flow and added detail makes readers and Google happy.


6: Make it Pretty

Looks matter, so make your content pop!  Adding images, charts, graphs, and so forth will make your site easy on the eyes and Google will pick up on it.


7: Make it Shareable

Links to your website give it credibility and will boost Google ranking.  Make sure social media sharing is easily accessible from every page, but especially from your posts! Also, add video to delve into an ocean of extremely shareable content.


8: Keep Your Speech Natural

Think about your target audience.  What will they type into google searches?  Use that kind of language when you are creating content.


9: Be Mobile-Friendly

Google pays attention to whether or not your site can be seen well on a mobile device.  Make sure your posts are mobile friendly to make Google happy.


10: Fix Mistakes Before Posting

Grammatical errors and typos severely lower your credibility and will hurt your Google ranking, especially if your mistakes are on keywords!  Fix mistake before and get better results.


There you have it, a quick guide to making Google-friendly posts. Enjoy the feeling of watching your posts get higher and higher in Google ranking!