The Magic of Writing and Why Writers Are Hooked On It

Writing is a form of art. Since the beginning of time, speech and writing were considered as major advancements in the growth of a civilization. The written form was one way to assess how intelligent a group of people was. To this day, scholars are trying to decipher ancient tablets, scrolls, and texts from antiquity to learn more about the insights and ideas of ancient peoples.

What is it about writing that is so special? Words are magical, and have power over us. It shapes our thoughts and our behavior. What we speak or write mirrors what is in our minds and in our hearts. The reason why writing is powerful is that it has the power to influence people to change, feel, and act. For romantic people or lovers, reading poems or sonnets from masters such as Byron or Shakespeare moves one to have more romantic feelings towards a loved one or a significant other. Poetry has been recited when wooing a woman; this coupled with flowers and chocolates are supposed to help win over her feelings.


Writers are a Rare Breed of Artists 

People think that writing is easy; well it really is not. Good writing is not as simple as stringing words together to make a sentence. It has to be well thought out, it has to have sense, and more importantly, these words have to have a purpose. In essence, good writers are a rare breed of artists. Some writers need their muses or divine inspiration to be able to write good novels and stories or plays. Others need to be drinking alcohol in order to let their creative juices flow. There are writers who write best at night, while there are those who want to have complete silence and solitude to write. Much like painters, sculptors and actors, writers have their own quirks and idiosyncrasies – and this is what makes them magical.


What Makes Powerful Writing?

As we all know, there are many kinds of writing. There are novels, short story writers, poets, column writers, news writers, and article writers. There are also those who write copy to sell – both in printed form and on websites. No matter what kind of writing they do, these writers have the power to make people move. That’s the magic behind what they do, they can convince people to buy something, vote for someone, or change a person’s opinion about something. In simple terms, if you read a food blog article that was very well written, you’re sure to try out that restaurant the next opportunity you get simply because the article was so convincing.

  • Powerful writing changes people. Self-help books and new age thinking are very popular nowadays. It’s one good example of how great writing can change people. From negative thinkers to positive ones; from non-worrywarts to people who now know not to sweat the small stuff. They get these from reading insightful and inspirational pieces penned by good writers.


  • Powerful writing compels people to move. Whether it is to buy a new gadget, try a new restaurant or visit a resort or spa, writers are gifted with the power of persuasion that gets people to act. It also applies to non-commercial writing, because a good read inspires people to change and act or do something that they thought they could never do.


  • Powerful writing inspires people to share. Good writing goes viral in a few seconds simply because it’s too good not to share. People who read something wonderful naturally want other people to read and experience it too. From the very start this is the reason why people borrowed books from one another, or from libraries. This is also why they share articles, photos, and videos and even memes on their social media accounts. It’s a gift that needs to be passed on to others so that they can pass it on to more people too.


The magic of writing is not in the thought-provoking topics, or in the intelligent vocabulary. Even simple articles or essays can be very moving if it was written with a heart.  Writers don’t just sit there and write from nothing, it’s an outpouring of themselves. Some writer’s day they bleed words, and in a metaphorical sense, they do. These words come from their hearts and that is what makes writing so special.