What Are the Differences Between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

These two very different methodologies in regards to SEO are both widely used across the digital marketing sphere.  Both have caused quite a stir, and are each completely unique in their way of implementing SEO.

Basically, the difference lies in the methods used to attain to better ranking in searches.  In short, there are certain methods to optimization which search engines are happy with, and certain methods that they frown upon.  Read on to see more about both methods, how they are used, and which will get you the results you want.


White Hat SEO

What Is It?

As represented by the color, White Hat SEO is a pure, organic way to optimize pages on the internet.  It focuses on the human beings instead of the search engines, which is actually the best way to make your content seen.  Why so?

The goal of all search engines is to bring quality websites to their users.  Thus, they are focused on the individuals, the real-life people that are typing on their keyboards at home, wanting solutions to their problems and answers to their questions.  So in turn, your content also needs to focus on people.

How does White Hat SEO accomplish this?


How Does it Work?

Provides Relevant Information– Content is key for SEO, and when your content brings relevant information to your readers, then your website becomes even more visible.  Your site must be full of content that is one of a kind, featuring key ideas and providing your readers with easy-to-read and informative pages and posts.

Follows Requirements– Search engines have rules for how websites should promote themselves.  By being honest and following these rules, White Hat SEO provides credibility to your website.

Uses Keywords for Organic SEO– Researching relevant keywords may take a bit of time, but is absolutely worth it.  Adding these words naturally into your pages is essential.

Updates Regularly– Content must be posted regularly and frequently.

Uses Inbound Linking– With organic links from other websites, your website is boosted in search results.


What Are the Results?

While the work involved in White Hat SEO is long-term, so are the results.  With patience, you will see how White Hat is a rewarding SEO experience, and makes search engines happy.


Black Hat SEO

What Is It?

Again, the name tells you a lot.  Just like in old cartoons, black is associated with bad and white with good.  In like manner, we can see that Black Hat SEO is not an entirely ‘on the level’ way of achieving SEO.  Unlike its counterpart, this methodology involves cunning and backdoors, and may lead to serious trouble in the future.


How Does It Work?

Uses Unwholesome Methods– Basically, Black Hat SEO involves going against the regulations set out by search engines.  Thus, by use of trickery, they achieve higher rankings in search results.  However, these fast results come at a price.

Uses Keyword Stuffing– This is the method of filling pages with keywords to try and trick search engine bots.  If the keywords do not enter into the text naturally, this will hurt your website.

Adds Blank Text– This method applies the usage of white text against a white background.  Search engine crawlers will see tons of relevant keywords and boost the ranking of the website, however the actual content of the website is not relevant at all.

Implements Cloaking– With this technique, a second version of the page is created specifically for search engines.  When the bots see the page they are satisfied and boost its ranking, but the actual page that real people see is completely different.


What Are the Results?

It may be tempting when you see offers of fast results for little cash down, but don’t be fooled.  Black Hat SEO may seem like the fastest way to get higher up in search engine results, but these results do not last.  Additionally, it is a very risky game.  When (not if) caught by the search engines, your website will be blacklisted, and possibly you will be banned from all search engine results.

The problem with Black Hat SEO is that it is attacking search engines with tricks and schemes without a thought for the individuals it is trying to reach.  For honest feedback that will last as long as your website does, White Hat SEO is your best option, and will bring you the most satisfaction.