What Type of Companies Need SEO?

The mantra of online marketing has quickly turned into a byline for SEO.  In just a few short years, the whole face of digital marketing has evolved, with SEO being its leading player.  Over and over again, we hear that to have success in business, to draw in more customers, and to make more money, we need SEO.  But you may be wondering, ‘Does my company really need SEO?’

Check out the following lists and ask yourself where your business fits in.  Then you’ll be able to tell if you really need SEO or not.


You May Need SEO If…

Your Company is a Startup

If you are at the beginning of making your brand known to the world, you cannot lose out of the opportunity that SEO presents to you. This is especially important in the first weeks and months that your company is online.  You need to make sure that the world knows who you are as quickly as possible, and SEO is the best way to ensure that your website will be found in searches.


Your Company is on a Budget

It does not take a lot of money to create a search engine friendly website.  Whether you do the work in-house or hire an SEO company to help you, the cost of creating organic SEO for your website is much lower than other marketing schemes.  You’ll allow your company to gain visibility on the web without breaking the bank.


Your Company is in a Competitive Market

Let’s say that you are the owner of a company who sells custom T-shirts.  How many other companies do the same thing that you do?  How many of those companies are using SEO?  The reality of modern marketing is that, in a crowded market such as mentioned above, all of your competitors are already using SEO, and are most assuredly getting results from it.

What does that mean for you?  It means that if you aren’t using SEO, you’re already falling behind your competition.  Make yourself a real player in your market by using SEO.


Your Company Offers Specific Services or Products

If you offer a unique solution to a specific problem, then SEO will work wonders for your business.  Optimizing your site for narrowed searches will put you right in the top results, which is exactly where you need to be to have the most success.  Not only that, but if your company’s product or service is part of a narrow market, then this means that SEO will be even easier to implement on your site!


You May Not Need SEO If…

Your Brand is Recognized and Searched Frequently

Suppose that someone wanted to search for a website where they could buy electronics, clothing, books, jewelry, and pretty much any other item they needed?  Would they search ‘online store for everything’, or would they be more likely to search specifically for Amazon or eBay?  In the same way, if your brand is already known across the internet, then there’s not much need for search engine optimization.  This is because people aren’t searching for your products or services and choosing the first company that comes up in the list: they’re already searching for you!


You Have In-House Writers with a Passion for Their Company

The plain and simple truth is that people who are directly involved with your company are better equipped to write the best content (provided that they are in fact writers).  When you have a passion for something, it is much easier to use the right words and portray the right feelings.  Your in-house content writers’ passion for their work will show in the content on your website, and that itself is a fantastic way to draw people in.


PPC vs. Organic SEO

The debate between Pay Per Click and organic SEO has been going on since the beginning, and you may be wondering which truly is better.  If you’re looking for the fastest results, then PPC is a fantastic way to draw in more clicks quickly.  However, it has been proven through studies that organic SEO brings in the most long-term results.  Although patience is required, the end results will be much more rewarding.

It’s clear that for nearly every type of business, SEO is a fantastic method to gaining more speed and rising as a top competitor in your market.  Get in contact with Blue Pen Articles and see how well-written content boosts your SEO and gets your company’s website to where you want it to be in search results.