Why You Should Never Spin Content

Producing content has become a necessary marketing initiative for most websites. However, creating valuable, relevant and well-crafted articles, posts and opinion pieces remain challenging. To augment this, there are websites that prefer to “spin” their content. This means using a singular subject, topic or opinion several times in numerous articles. However, not many people are aware that this is a dangerous practice. Here are the reasons why you should never ever try and spin your content.

  • Spinning Content Can Make You Lose Readers

The merit of a successful website and blog is that it has fans and subscribers. These individuals’ motivation for returning is because of good content. They want fresh and the most updated news, they want unique insights, and they want original opinions. They don’t want to see the same thing over and over again and they prefer not to see certain perceptions rehashed, rewritten and copied.

Publishing spun content has a very good chance of turning off dozens, if not hundreds of readers. Most will simply be disinterested and disheartened by the seemingly recently published content that fails to offer any new information or different insights. There might even be some who might think that you’re fooling people with your spun content. There’s a probability that this number might get annoyed and even post negative comments about your site on social media platforms and blogs.

  • Spinning Content Can Hurt Your Reputation

Spinning content can have negative and adverse effects on your reputation. First, a lot of people see it as both unethical and unprofessional. From a certain point of view, it is tricking readers into reading the same subject and point but in a different language. Second, it gives competitors and colleagues a bad impression. It makes one look weak, unable to properly voice an opinion. It makes it seems that one is managing a company that do not have the capability to produce fresh and original content.

Finally, and most importantly, spinning content can dissuade consumers from subscribing to your site, getting your service or purchasing your product. Because, why would anyone pay attention to a website who cannot even provide original and fresh content to their audience?

  • Spinning Content Can Produce Content That Cannot be Understood

A lot of companies, due to their lack of vision and their efforts to cut cost, purchase article and content spinning software, rather than hire writers, copy makers and SEO specialists. Although these programs promise dozens of articles and optimum efficiency, they are hardly perfect. Most of the time, when they churn out an article, it doesn’t make any sense. The words sound off and awkward, the sentence construction is flawed and the sensibility and internal logic of the article is nowhere to be found. Once these articles are published, it will considerably cause a negative impact on the website.

  • Spinning Content Can Penalize a Website

Google and other search engines are evolving. At the current day and age, they are looking out for their millions and millions of users. They not only want to provide them the exact websites and information they are looking for, but they want to give them content that’s actually beneficial to their lives. The search engines, led by Google, has deployed numerous initiatives in order to do that. One of the things they’re doing is they are currently doing their very best to hunt down duplicate content and spun texts, because, as far as they are concerned, these are spam and they offer no value whatsoever to online netizens.

What happens when Google catches a website spinning and duplicate content? Google will penalize all of its pages. Penalizations means that all SEO efforts are significantly weakened and made ineffective. This means pushing all of the website’s presence in the further pages of the search engine results pages. At the same time, this means that all keywords and all content will not be made visible to people searching for subjects and themes related to your business. This is a death sentence in the online world. And one penalizations happen, it’s going to take a lot of search engine optimization effort and a significant amount of time before it can be lifted.

With these very important reasons, it’s only smart not to spin content. Produce and publish fresh and new articles and posts and gain the audience that you are meant to have.